Heated hair extension – hair extensions, human hair extensions, hair volumizing

hair extensions, human hair extensions, hair volumizing
Hair extension system using 100% human hairs
Extension technique is based on bonding of strands of hair into small sections of your real hair. Each bond is secured by a special formulated hair adhesive.
Bonded hair does not harm your hair and it allows growing them naturally. Hidden bonds allow you to form “hairstyle” of your desire, either “to put them up” or “down” with confidence that the bonds will not be visible.

About 30 wisely placed bonds create fullness and look of a volumized “hairstyle”. Our offering of wide range of shades, lengths and structures creates perfectly natural look. By mixing, usually even six shades of hair, we achieve premium final effect which will impress you by its perfection.

Our 100% human hair is considered class no. 1 in the world in hair extensions industry.
We offer hair of all colors including the most demanded black and blond hair and at the same time we offer all different types of hair either straight, slightly curled or real curled hair.