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hair extensions, human hair extensions, hair volumizing


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How many hairs are needed to achieve your desired effect?
It depends on how long your hair is and how dense they are as well as on the final effect you wish to achieve. There are many options, either it will be style enhancement, partial volume addition, significant volume addition with change of haircut style, volume addition with extension or significant hair extension. It depends only on you.
Options offered by Destiny studio:
1.      Blending: 10-20 bonds of different shades, placed into your hair provides effect of a blend without using color or other chemical bleaches ordinary used in hair salons.
2.      Partial volume: 20-30 bonds create partial hair volume in a few minutes in our hair salon Destiny.
3.      Basic volume: 50-75 bonds create basic volume, add your own hair from 25 to 30 percent volume and change style of your haircut.
4.      High volume and partial length: 100-120 bonds are required to increase volume of your hair by 75 percent and to give about 5-6 centimeters of length.
5.      Maximum volume and length: 120-200 bonds are required to create 100 percent volume and to lengthen your hair up to 60cm.
-         All numbers stated above are just rough estimates. Which variant is the best suited to bring you your desired effect depends on a professional consultation with our stylist.
-         Hair used for extensions is 100% human hair, chemically prepared, and healthy. Every bundle, about 70 bonds, is separately packed directly in the plant and air transported directly to our salon.
-         Extensions protect your own hair from weather as they are above your own hair.
-         Hair extension and removal is performed by certified hair expert with more than 10 years of experience in hair extensions.